V2 CLOUD provides you access to an easy to set up high-end cloud desktop infrastructure that doesn’t require any specialized training to manage. You can spin up a VM within minutes and view your desktop in your web browser instantly. V2 Cloud does not need a VPN to connect, plus, you get unmetered Internet, unlimited usage, and bandwidth for the best high-performance Virtual Desktop with the industry’s lowest latency. It is 4-10x faster than alternative systems with a performance that is equivalent to a physical computer. A team of specialists manages (security & backup) your VM ensuring it is optimal and always available.


V2 Cloud’s WorkSpaces is the world’s fastest cloud desktop that allows businesses to securely access data, applications, documents and other resources from anywhere on any device via a web browser.

Software Vendors can host their desktop applications on V2 Cloud and stream it directly to end users’ web browser – V2 Cloud can make any commercial or custom desktop app appear as a native and seamless cloud app.

Target Customers & Size: Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Software Vendors and Individuals.

Target Market: Any market that concerned about security, backup, and regulatory compliance, or those that want to enable remote workers (employees, contractors, interns, etc.), or utilize a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. Including those that wish to reduce hardware, software and especially IT expenses. Some of the most active markets include accounting, engineering, law, medical practices, consulting, financial and insurance, and real estate.

Businesses We Currently Serve:

  • Software vendors who want to offer a cloud version of their desktop application.
  • Accounting firms offering QuickBooks services.
  • Businesses using software like QuickBooks (installed version), FileMaker software and other windows applications.
  • Businesses with an aging internal server(s) used for the database, ERP, file server, exchange server, etc.
  • Design agencies running Adobe suite.
  • Educational Institutions with aging desktop infrastructure.
  • Engineering/architecture firm running CAD software (AutoCAD, etc.).
  • Medical practices having heavy EHR / Practice management software.
  • Remote/work from home teams from various verticals (engineering, trucking/transportation, real estate, law).

Main Competitors

Main competitors include:

  1. Citrix – XenApp & XenDesktop
  2. VMware – Vmware Horizon
  3. Amazon- AWS Workspaces
  4. Microsoft – MS Azure

Please, see the Competitive matrix for more information

Grow Your Business, While We Manage Your IT!

This means you have the flexibility to start with the managed IT services that make the most sense for your organization, and then grow with us as your needs grow.

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